Painfully Sober EP

by Paul Waggener

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Four stripped down and raw acoustic songs about filthy hearts and hollow words.


released August 19, 2014

Paul Waggener - Guitar, Vocals
Engineered by Thomas Thompson



all rights reserved


Paul Waggener Lynchburg, Virginia

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Track Name: My Heart is Heavy as a Tombstone
Down with the sun, up with the moon
Hey, tell me baby- are ya comin home soon?
It's been so long since I seen your face
But the ghost of your memory's still hauntin this place.
So come back to me. My heart is heavy as a tombstone.
My soul is lonesome. My body is loathsome.
My heart is heavy as your tombstone.
There's still a note on the mirror- a bloodstain on the floor
An old picture from our wedding is hangin above the door
Sometimes I hear you cryin, or smell a cigarette...
Wherever you have gone, ya aint finished with me yet.
Track Name: The Devil Ain't Finished With Me Yet
I'm colder than a coffin nail, crooked as a pine box thrown together by a blind man- I'm low down as a six foot hole.
Meaner than a drunk rattlesnake, I'm ugly as an old dog with one eye burned out, but the devil he aint finished with me yet.
I don't know what he wants but his laughter sure haunts me...
Tried everything to find happiness. I tried drugs, I tried drinkin, I tried women, I tried Jesus, but the devil he ain't finished with me yet.
Put that ol noose around my neck- kicked out the chair an I swung there in silence, but the devil, he ain't finished with me yet. That rope snapped in two, he said I ain't through with you boy.
Track Name: Painfully Sober
After 3 damn months of blindness and ruin, I woke up down with a slight case of dyin. Bitter smile on my face, with my laughin days through, just some worn out memories o me an you.
Well, I gotta keep walkin til my boots fall apart, you were so right for me, this whisky's breakin my heart. But you're still on my mind with someone else in my arms, and I'd give anything just to drown these sorrows.
But I'm painfully sober now, and I can't hold out like this for very much longer, each hollow day passes, that old thirst gets stronger. The devil's holdin my hand, he gonna lead me astray- an I'm goin with him no matter how many prayers my mama can pray.
Blaze Foley record playin make it so hard to breathe, but my eyes are still on fire, bloody heart on my sleeve.
I'll keep buildin up walls made o liquor an wine, cause I aint gonna feel like this one more time. So no matter where you are in this godforsaken place, I'll be drunk on regret and weak and crippled with hate. You're like the knife in my back as well as the hole in my arm, tryin to hold on to life but just not givin a goddamn.
Track Name: The Flame Forever Died
We met in the springtime of our lives both needing somethin desperately inside. Our battered hearts bore so much weight and pain, and the shadows of my past promised only more the same. I couldn't stop that madness in my soul- it rose up an made my blood run cold. That demon rum possessed my weary bones and the morphine spoke in low and lonesome tones.
The days of youth were here and then they was gone- just a few years o passion then I found myself alone. That flame slowly died. Now death's too sweet to fear- his touch is drawin near. Still shackled by them chains of regrets, and this awful thirst that I can't escape yet...our love slowly died.
That fire borne within me flickered low. My shattered mind could not tell friend from foe. Our bloody battles fueled by wine and lies, until the frail corpse of our love could not arise. Then you looked at me with nothing in your eyes- too late Ionged to make you forever mine; then your pale white skin recoiled from my touch, and in that moment I needed death so much.
The flower withered. The cup ran dry. There was nothing left of you and I. Like a blind man reaching for the sky...but you were gone. That flame had died. The flame forever died.